Parking Sensor with Digital Display

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Distance meter for your car with an LED display and digital display that makes it easy for you to park.

It has 4 sensors mounted on the rear bumper of the car.

The system detects the distance between the rear bumper and the obstacles through the sensors mounted on the rear bumper.

The distance between the bumper and the obstacles is displayed on the digital display in meters (from 0.2 meters to 2.5 meters) and at an angle of 90 ° -120 ° degrees as well as also with three colors on the LED display and also with audible 3-level warning. aisthitiras_parkarismatos

It is powered by 12 V and can be plugged in so that it is activated as soon as the reverse is activated in the car.

It also includes the necessary drill, for mounting the sensors in your bumper.


Operating voltage: 9 ~ 16 V DC

Detection distance: 0.2m - 1.5m

Operating temperature: -30 ~ + 70 degrees Celsius

Screen Dimensions Led: 10 × 2.4 cm

Sensor diameter: 2.2mm

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