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New high quality AXON K-80 headset

Extremely small, very lightweight, almost invisible handset.

Ideal for hearing impaired people. Listen to the whispers 30 meters!

100% competitive price with high quality

Invisible and comfortable headset with adjustable volume

Small size, great sound power, easy operation

Clear sound, high sensitivity earpiece

It has 4 different sizes (suction cup) for adapting to any ear size.

Maximum sound output: 110 ± 5 dB

Harmonic Distortion: <10%

Frequency Range: 300-4000 Hz

Input audio: 40 dB

With an adjustable sound sensitivity.

Ease of placement in the ear.

Extremely small size almost invisible.

Very light.

ON-OFF switch.

It has a + 1 standby battery

Self-service 24 hours of continuous operation (after continuous 24-hour operation continues to operate with reduced sensitivity).

We can hear whispers from a distance of 30 meters.

Battery: AG3 or A312

DC 1.5V

Dimensions: 19 * 14 * 16mm

Weight: 3gr

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